Welcome to Microplasm Headquarters.

The Definition of Microplasm:

The intangible Æther that brings virtual dreams to life…

Structure and Function of Microplasm:

Utilizing modern web publishing opportunities in combination with formidable deep-web tactics.

Purpose of Microplasm:

Increase number of website visitors via search engine optimization (SEO).

Operation Mastersword:

“Are you the chosen one?”

In an age of higher and higher costs, inflated currencies, and uncertain futures; Microplasm offers 3, 6, and 12 month web publishing and search engine optimization (SEO) contracts.

By participating in Mastersword, you are contracting Microplasm to initiate higher search engine rankings for your website.

A strictly confidential consultation is available to any interested candidates, however, the Mastersword operation is geared towards Canadian legacy companies* of all kinds. Newcomers with big ideas are always welcome; the best way to know is ask!

*Companies, Businesses, Brands, Organizations, (or other collectives/initiatives) which are at least 2 years old, or more.

“One brand to rule them all!”

“Just imagine… What we can create… Together!”

JP’s Bio

JP is emerging now in mid-2024 after a long journey through the underworlds of freelancing. He embarked on his latest entrepreneurial quest in late 2018 after selling his last venture (2013-2018). Then, he did more traveling, hand shaking, and head-shaking (watching the economy crumble), after finally settling down with the often forgotten Acadians of the northern areas of Atlantic French-Canada.

His exact location is undisclosed…

Now, he considers himself ready for another battle. In fact, he feels ready to fight your battles, several of them at once in fact. Many hardships and struggles have seasoned his skills, sharpened his mind, and expanded his territory…

Now is a great time to hire Microplasm (JP):

  • Limited contracts available, making commitments as far as December 2026 (18 month maximum).
  • First come first serve basis, scheduled contracts are available with a deposit(%).

A Personal message from JP:

“As a business owner, you know the Canadians around you are counting on you; even though a lot of the time they might not know it…

Sure, the ‘truckers’ and ‘farmers’ got a ton of publicity, and still no one noticed that businesses run the world… Nothing is ever going to change that, not to my knowledge. Even municipal governments will be put in positions to act differently, in order to control spending in defence of Canadians’ well-being… These perilous times are not over yet, in fact it is more realistic to say that things are just starting to heat up…

So, have people noticed that they need their local small businesses yet? Maybe we don’t know what we have until it’s gone? Let’s not let things get that far…

Personally, I don’t like seeing things get worse even if it is inevitable, and I would like to try to sincerely help anyone (entity/business) by positively impacting your profit margins.

Specifically, I will employ all of my tactics, strategies, and skills to increase your website traffic via search engine optimization (often called SEO, as an industry term).

Kindly, I leave the decision in your hands.


PS – Leave a message for me with your contact information by voice, and we’ll begin our business relationship there… I am looking forward to it.”


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