Microplasm is the intangible Æther that connects virtual content to real-life objects, people, and events.

<Truth>A unique application of Hyperlocality and the Local Multiplier Effect.</Truth>

Deligate is the Auxiliary Driver Portal. We’ve created a simple way to connect a restaurant’s website orders directly to their delivery driver. 

Our system is unique for its simplicity, and can be used by any business who needs an extremely cost effective solution compared to third party driver systems.

My Town Restaurants guides hungry shoppers directly to your selling style, we make it simple. No tablets or hidden fees.

It’s time for your business to make 100% of each sale, no more heavy commissions lost to big delivery chains.

Webfantry is for Small Businesses who need help transplanting their already exisiting business onto the web.

If you’re looking to build an online business from scratch, this is also where to start… Webfantry also offers a toolkit for novice users looking to fast-track their own building plans.

Naturofinder is ideally built to serve both online brands and local stores mutually. Each of our Naturopods gives the customer the ability to choose.

We provide the readers and visitors with help researching the product they are interested in buying, then we can direct that reader to shop online or find it local. Get listed your Health Store Listed today!

Introductory Video:

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker; Unite!

Small Businesses are driving Canada from coast to coast. Microplasm is here to connect your local townspeople to your products and services. Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker; Unite!

Do you have the Ultimate Recipe?

Innovations are happening everyday. There is no reason why your product can’t be the next favourite.

Bring your products to market with a proper online presence.

Your Clients Need the Best.

Your clientelle is expecting the best, that’s why they need you! Bring your services to the e-market where people are searching for professional help everyday.

Daily Bread.

Stand strong and be proud of your business, as your personal touch matters more than ever. We aim to take away the boundary between customers and businesses.

People need to buy & sell from people, not machines.

The Time is Now!

Empowering young entrepreneurs is our speciality with Webfantry.

We are opening doors by equipping today’s bravest; who will be tomorrow’s best.

All the little people; it's just so nice.

Small businesses form the essential network that holds our communities together. From the skilled trades we rely on, to the groceries we need on a daily basis, it’s the little people that make it all happen; everyday.

Virtual Constructions.

It’s your dream, we just supplied to the tools, parts & labour.

Take your territory on the Web.

Have you considered expanding your already existing service business to include an online parts catalogue?

Create additional revenue streams to prepare for another lock-down.

Microplasm is at your doorstep.

Everything happens for a reason.

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