What are Cryptos?

Cryptocurrencies are an application of block-chain technology. Block-chain is a very new way of verifying data across a decentralized network of users. It is really its own animal in a number of ways, where it’s hard to even give it a proper definition.

Focusing on Using the Currencies

This blog category could attempt to describe and explore block-chain tech, in regards to mining it or otherwise. However, the focus of this blog category will be on the application of not just block-chain technology, but very much more specifically using Cryptocurrencies.

The reason why this will be our focus is because of it’s direct implications in regards to E-commerce and what we should reliably assume is that Town Hall will be next. Eventually we will be using a block-chain currency to transfer our electro-dollars for gas, burgers, and even rent. It’s important to make these considerations openly now while we have all options available. Now is certainly not the time to switch, but it’s a great time to start experimenting.

Whats the Trajectory?

Microplasm would like to get involved with our 4th or 5th project (unannounced) where our intent is to bring available crypto token to our already existing and related business networks. This involves giving the ability to collect Crypto easily, and then exchange it for goods from our members (for their local products and services).

It would be really special if we could find a way to buy a pizza with cryptobucks. Something hopefully we see into reality soon enough!