What is E-Commerce?

Anytime you see the letter “E” as a word’s prefix, it usually stands for “Electronic.” So when we have the popular and growing usage around the term E-Commerce, it is simple and clear that this is the merging of electrical components, devices, and energy with commercial activity.

No Coins to Corrupt Economy

There was once a time where no one was using coins. At some point, no matter how you interepret the long and complicated road leading backwards through human history, at some point, there were no coins, currencies, trade networks, or exchange systems. Then suddenly, the act of trading, value, and commerce began. That era has long grown into a complicated and widely corrupted array of commodity backed currencies, where precious metals and manufacturing powerhouses seem to have risen to the very top of the pile.

No one today wanted the world go get trashed, no one wanted commerce to become so huge that it would rapidly trample mother nature in one swift century. So that’s where the ability to take action with what free will we have, is the only course of action. For anyone awake to the problem, here is the solution!

Taking Steps to a Real Solution:

Taking the virtual world seriously is the first step. Understanding that the internet and the ‘world wide web’ at large, is a 2-Dimensional manifestation of the already existing world. When every manifestation has length and width, but do depth, and exists in ‘memory’ or data servers, the question ‘where does the data actually exists?’ becomes quite pressing. As much as there could be answers to these questions, this discussion is going to be routed toward the importance of e-commerce in the ‘save the world from monsters’ plan.

Secondly, it’s imperative that territory is understood as a figurative concept, where ‘language’ even if it be coloquiel, serves as the essential territory, land, real-estate, location, domain, or other regional boundary given to an area. So when a word exists on the web, it exists directly in relation to its role and relationship to the REAL world. Without a real 3-D world, there is no such thing as the 2-D world existing… if it does, it becomes artificial and illusory – something for next time!

Further trying to Define it…

So to sum it up: the virtual world is made up of territory, delegated by language. This territory is limited and interlocked with every other territory based on context and relevance. Think of all the content on the internet as breaking down into text and language, and that each piece of content lays in an ever-reaching web of interlocking concepts. So the ‘internet’ in a sense, is a super gigantic language-mind-map. This is the relationship between the 2-D world of virtual content, and the real-life 3-D world where we live and conduct our businesses and personal relationships.

Clearing the Fog of War

The E-Commerce discussion category is going to go all the way down and back up again. There is no sense in limiting the discussion around possibility or perspective. The hard and solid truth is that ALL of what we are working with is very very new, and quite unknown in terms of potential or capacity. Let’s try to uncover what we can, and otherwise invite the spirit of invention and innovation into our midst.