Be ready for change:

The recent changes in everyone’s lives have no need for naming or description. Sadly, it is likely just a glimpse of what could lie ahead. If we are fortunate and mother nature is kind to us, then it is even moreso our best interest to prepare, adapt, and begin building toward a new and better path for commerce.

Even the elders of our cultures world-wide are adopting the new way of doing business. It was in the 90s when making a website for your business was pretty edgy, it was definitely a way of standing out back then. Now, new businesses that exist entirely online won’t even have a business card, which is quite a contrast to have taken place in a few short decades.

Things are gonna loosen up!

With the figurative mother and father of selling online, the two enourmous multi-vendors have taken so much of the cake, we’re all convinced that it’s a buffet. Gratefully it does mean for all the little mice who nibble on crumbs that are brushed to the floor; there is certainly lots to go ’round! Should there be 1 person with a billion, or one thousand people with 1 million each? It’s interesting to see what lies ahead as the technosphere develops.

What to Expect from Town Hall?

There will be posts relating to the current and frequent challenges that are faced by businesses. An ongoing basis is the idea, where as common problems and challenges arise, we can also share stories and suggestions of how to overcome that particular issue. Working together is how everyone is going to survive going forward. We want to give our audience and members a direct sounding board, where everyone is encouraged to attend.

Hence, this web log category is named: Town Hall.