Social Media Sea Monsters

Has one of these virtual sea monsters slurped up a thousand hours of your time, maybe 10 000 hours? It’s a powerful medium, where mob mentality and misunderstandings fester out of control, no matter how many intelligent people are brought together under democratic oath, to try and steer the ever resentful flocks of trolls and zombies away from harming themselves and others.

The Mob versus Little Tiny Collectives

It’s as though the voices of few are conducting the reactions of the many, where the many are just too varied and different to have a collected voice (or voices) to battle against the ever agressive squaders of any looming extreme. Yes, we all know that shock-factor gets attention, but at what cost, and at what price?

Social Media is Virtual, not Real.

Microplasm proposes honest questions about the value of social media, and presses the question “where and when is social media truly a useful tool?” Where everyone can be confident that there are proper uses of Social Media platforms that can be advantageous on all levels, however, like any other action we take in this bubbly universe, there is always an equal and opposite reaction, which typically as humans in day to day life we use the world ‘sacrifice’.

It’s impossible to have your attention on throwing a ball around playing catch with a loved one, just for fun, and simultaneously be joining a group or liking a post, or reading someone else’s latest opinion… no one can do two things at once, at least not whole heartedly. The internet wasn’t meant to divide us from the moment, it was meant to make things faster, so we had more time, more time to play catch – just for fun!

Admittedly Contraband: Ask the right questions.

So with that as a basic beginning to the Social Media blog category, Microplasm willingly and admittedly challenges the notion that Social Media brings people together, it seems to have squished everyone through noodle moulds of their liking or not, where some have even just left it behind to tread the deep waters of the world without trying to keep their little window apartment on any of these Web-Titanics.