March 4th 2021

Mission Debreif: Operation Prometheus

Classification: Town Hall

Restrictions: None

The primary objective driving Operation Prometheus is to bring fire from the “gods” to the common people. It’s our right as living beings to partake in the fruits of nature, and the only way we can all have what we need and want, is by sharing freely. We are sharing freely, the intel you need to match the power of the (digital) gods, putting the fire in your hands.

Phase 1) Webfantry Bullet Package will be fully prepared to meet the needs of restaurant owners, delivery companies (and ind. Drivers), and health food stores, on a ground level. This quick and fast web solution gives any operating business a fast track to their own e-commerce store, putting their menu, services, or products online and available for their local customers.

Phase 2) Releasing the first Microplasm V-Log Archives, and sharing the location of this valuable intel for all web communities, and independent webfantry alike. Where mission debriefs, and further details will be discussed openly. All available candidates are encouraged to attend.

Phase 3) Mobilizing regional communications, and create a fully unlimited local exposing of Microplasm’s intentions: to report progress, to supply the fire, a missing spark to create the beginning of something great. This includes one-to-one intel exchange, with one objective in mind – putting the fire in your hands.

Conclusions: Reports will be available about the mission’s progress via the Microplasm V-Log Archives. The Webfantry Bullet will become available with a less than 30 days ETA, where we are expected then to deploy local communication convoy, hence forth.

Commander JP Gagliano